6 Leadership Books We Love

Last Updated February 1st, 2018

You can never know enough about management, marketing and business. The leadership team here at BombBomb put together a list just for you! Check out these six great leadership books that we think are worth reading in 2018.


1 Ethan’s Pick: Principles by Ray Dalio

Ethan's Pick: Principles

“I’ve read all kinds of books that touch on transparency, authenticity, efficiency, results, and other leadership and management themes. Not one has been as comprehensive and practical as this. A book in three parts, Principles includes Dalio’s background (for context), rules for succeeding at work, and rules for succeeding in life. He’s systematically identified rules that govern our experience and detailed ways to win by honoring those rules.”



2 Patrick’s Pick: Managing Humans by Michael Lopp

Patrick's Pick: Managing Humans

“Michael Lopp’s been leading software teams for two decades and has seen it all. This book offers fifty stories of hard lessons from that time. It has a very engaging style that keeps you reading. One of the best aspects of the book isn’t in the book, rather it’s the community around the content of the book: The Rands Leadership Slack, about 5,500 technology leaders from all over the world discussing their challenges leading technologists.”



3 Madeline’s Pick: Don’t Fire Them, Fire Them Up By Frank Pacetta

Madeline's Pick: Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up

“This book, while 23 years since its original printing, is my favorite for working as a sales leader to create a positive environment and ground game that drives results and bonds teams like concrete. Whether you need a goal setting strategy, or recognition program, you’ll find his ideas elegant yet simple to execute. My favorite quote: (paraphrased) “don’t manage from the seat of your chair! Get out in the field.”





4 Steve’s Pick: Influence by Robert Cialdini

Steve's Pick: Influence

“No matter your title, role, or tenure – your ability to sell yourself, your ideas, and motivate those around you is essential to your success. “Selling” is a vital skill not reserved for salespeople. This book is your roadmap.”



5 Richard’s Pick: The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson

Richard's Pick: The Challenger Sale

“The Challenger sales methodology helps build on the relationship centric skill set and teaches the sales pro to tailor your message and challenge your clients to view the problem differently.”




6 Jason’s Pick: All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin

Jason's Pick: All Marketers Are Liars

“This classic was written in 2005, but is a book that is more relevant than ever. Learning the skill and process to sell to the worldview that connects with your customers is your key differentiator. The practical strategies and tactics will change your business.”


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