5 Resources to Help Boost Video Views

Last Updated February 16th, 2018

On February 14th, We spoke with Marketing Professional and National Speaker, Kristi Kennelly for our 12th Episode of the BombCast. Kristi is super knowledgeable when it comes to educational content and meaningful interactions. She also impressed us with her mastery of so many great video tools! She gave us great practical tips to help boost your video views.

Resources Kristi Can’t Live Without

“Can you replace a phone call in a day with a selfie video? Can you replace one newsletter a month with a video newsletter? We’re not pilling on top of the day. We are replacing with tactics that work!” Kristi is all about making video convenient and not overloading her schedule with business tasks. She gave us some great tool suggestions for curating information and creating meaningful video.


Kristi started off the BombCast by talking about educating people. She says every single video you do should either educate, inspire or entertain. For her video recipes, she leans towards educating with a bit of entertainment to keep viewers attention!

Kristi suggests using Scoop.it to help curate information! This is a free tool that helps you discover great content and share great content. She says, “I will state a problem and then I will try to solve the problem with technology.” and she uses Scoop.it to help her with this process.

2 Rev & Clips 

According to Digiday, 85% of all Facebook video is watched without sound. In order to get the best results out of her educational videos, Kristi uses a tool called Rev. When you upload an unlisted youtube video, you can send the link to rev.com. They will then caption your video at $1/minute. If you send a 2 minute video, it will only cost you $2. According to Kristi, “Closed captions will increase people’s understanding and it increases people’s desire to learn more about what you’re talking about.”

Another useful tool is Clips. Kristi also mentions this tool during the BombCast and says it’s a great one to download. Kristi says she typically takes 2 hours out of her month to spend making videos. Setting aside just a little bit of time like this can be really helpful for accomplishing great videos.

3 Camtasia

Once her video has all its captions and she gets it back from Rev, Kristi uses Camtasia to edit. According to Kristi, this is an easy editing software that can be really useful for finalizing your social media videos. After some quick editing, the video is all ready to get on BombBomb, Youtube and Social Media channels!

4 Lumen5

When asked where to start with content, Kristi says, “I think you start by answering questions that your customers or your prospects continue to ask you.” She then shared another video tool with us that she was really excited about and that she uses regularly. Lumen5 is a free website where you can turn articles or tips into a quick video!

You can take any idea in your head, whether it be something like “5 Great Places to Eat in the Area” or “5 Remodeling Tips” and you type them into Lumen5 to create a video. You can also replace the stock images with your own photos and videos if you want to make it more personalized. Kristi told us that her first video on Lumen5 only took her 10 minutes – making this a great tool to get content up on social media fast! Kristi also reminded us that this does not replace your video strategy, it just adds to it so you can get more great video up fast!

5 BombBomb

During the BombCast, Kristi also talk about the benefits of BombBomb! According to Kristi, you can easily take an email open rate from 30% to almost 100% by sending one-to-one selfie BombBomb Video Emails! She says that sending those personalized videos through the BombBomb Gmail Extension has been super successful for her. “The most successful tactic out there is sending that one-to-one selfie video.”

Who’s ready to check out these video tools and get started? Ultimately Kristi says “The best tool is the one you use.” It doesn’t matter what tools you decide to use, as long as you are jumping into video and seeing the amazing results!

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