5 Tips from a Live Video Pro: A Recap of BombCast – Episode 8

Last Updated January 9th, 2018

On December 14th, we showcased episode eight of our BombCast live video series with Sue “Pinky” Benson of RE/MAX Dream. Sue is one of our Real Estate Video Influencer Award Winners, specifically, in the LIVE video category.

The BombCast is a quick video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds, who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increase sales.

Episode eight is embedded below, along with our favorite takeaways, and start/stop times for each topic discussed!

5 Key Takeaways from a Live Video Pro!

1 You Need to Showcase Yourself Where People are Scrolling.

So why should you be going live? Is it really necessary? The answer is absolutely yes. Sue explains how real estate agents used to market themselves in archaic ways by adding their name to a car, a bus bench, or a billboard, and fortunately, agents have evolved since then. She says, “if we don’t evolve, we dissolve.” Agents have had to evolve so that they can showcase themselves where people are scrolling, which currently happens to be Facebook. To get people’s attention, you need to do things differently, and you need to provide value.

2 Create Multiple Pages and Broadcast Live on all of Them!

Where are your clients? Are you friends with them on your personal Facebook? Do you connect with them on your business page? Find out who your people are, and what they want to know about. Pinky created a community page for her town. She also has a business page, and a personal Facebook page where she is open to adding her clients.

She mentioned that she sees the best engagement on her community page, “Pinky Knows Naples.”She believes people understand that through her community page, she’s actually giving people value, which they appreciate and respond better to. She really tries to mainly discuss her community here but sometimes she’ll sprinkle in foreclosures, and her latest listings. She also sees great results on her personal page. She tends to go live on both.
But – you don’t have to have a community page to see great engagement! Sue states that even creating a page for a passion can be a benefit to your business – whether your passion is for a local sports team, animals, or even Disney. She suggests creating a Facebook group for fellow fans like yourself and going live there. People like to work with like-minded people, so connecting with individuals with similar interests can really benefit you!

3 Create Valuable Content – Do your Research but do not Rely on a Script!

Sue said that she always generally has a plan for her content. She tries to work with local businesses that she “knows, likes, and trusts,” to create that content. In fact, she mentioned that as she was filming the BombCasts, she was in her hair salon because they were having an event that day and she wanted to promote live.

Moreover, her content during the week is pretty consistent. On Fridays, she likes to do “featured Fridays,” where she showcases a listing of her own, or another agent that she knows. She’s even done “foreclosure Fridays,” which did really well for her. She tries to only go live a few times a week, so she’s not over asking her audience for views.

Considering Pinky is a real estate agent, and likes to showcase her knowledge of the community, most of her posts are about the local happenings around town. For example, the tree lighting ceremony, the fourth of July parade, a new restaurant opening, etc. She recommends doing your research on the event or the area before going live, but never relying on a script. Keep it authentic but still valuable!

4 How do you Measure the Success of a Live BroadCast?

Sue emphasizes the importance of consistently checking in on your post analytics – the number of people watching, commenting, liking ect. If these numbers are down, you know something has to be off, and it’s worth testing new processes to see better results. She also mentions to not get too hung up on the number of people watching your broadcast live – the value is always in the recap!

She even mentions testing out using props like pets, or family members. When you have an animal in a video, are you getting more engagement? Are people embracing it? Try new techniques and see what your audience responds best to!

5 How Should you Promote your Live Broadcast?

When promoting your live broadcast, you should only give your fans 24 hours notice – max. This isn’t something they will have to sign-up for, or get a calendar notice that reminds them about it, it’s something they will hopefully scroll and find on their own. Make sure the idea is fresh in their mind so they are more likely to turn in!
Sue mentions that she likes to reshare her lives on all of her pages at different types as well, so that they can continue getting mileage after they’ve aired. We like to create a quick 60 second promo video at BombBomb for each episode, and boost the video 24 hours before the event goes live!

Finally, Jason suggests going into your old live videos and re engaging on them when you’re about to go live to let your fan base know that you’re about to go live again. If you can have someone help you with comments, and share the actual live link while you film, we definitely recommend trying that!

Start/ Stop Times

At 1:20, Jason Jumps right in and asks why Sue decided to start going live on her social media platforms.

At 2:43, Jason asks Sue how going live has helped her improve her video game, and how it’s bringing her value.

At 4:10, Jason asks, “what was your aha moment when you realized doing Facebook Live was worth in?”

At 6:18, Jason asks Sue how she’s been able to get more comfortable on camera to the point where it’s just easy for her to go live at any given time.

At 7:22, Jason asks, the difference of “professionalism vs. personality.” He asks Sue how she blends the two together?

At 10:30, Jason asks Sue how she measures the effectiveness of going live.

At 12:40, Jason asks Sue how she’s seen Facebook Live get her more business.

At 14:40, Jason asks Sue how she decides when she goes live, and the type of content she goes live with.

At 18:06, Jason asks Sue a question he hears often. What type of page should small business owners be running? Should they use their personal Facebook page, or should they create a professional page? And what types of content should they showcase on each?

At 23:00, Pinky talks about going live at community events – like a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, or the 4th of July!

At 25:00, minutes in Jason asks Sue for some tips for people who are just starting to go live.

At the 28:00 minute mark, Sue takes the rest of the time to answer questions from viewers!

Be sure to check out our next episode of the BombCast, on January 18th 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST, with Real Estate Video Community Winner, Ryan Shields at the Real Estate Video Bootcamp!

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