5 Big Tips for Small Business Marketing

Last Updated November 13th, 2017

Eric Peltier is an engineer turned mortgage loan officer. Driven by a passion to make the mortgage process as smooth as possible through clear, consistent communication, Eric consistently competes with big banks. Despite having fewer resources and less ad spend to acquire leads, he continues to win clients with a big small business marketing tactic … simple video!

When Eric started in the mortgage industry 15 years ago, many of his early contacts were engineers. As Eric tried to grow his business, he quickly learned that most engineers didn’t respond well to interruptions during work or traditional marketing efforts.

Over three years ago, Eric found the solution to his problem with BombBomb. BombBomb gave Eric the ability to interact face-to-face with his contacts on their own time.

Eric visited BombBomb HQ in Colorado Springs to share his simple yet successful marketing strategy.

Watch the full interview with Eric and BombBomb’s Director of Education and Training, Jason Sheffield, or read the highlights below.

Eric needed a way to get his contacts’ attention. In a world of overflowing email inboxes, sending custom one-to-one videos helped Eric cut through the noise.

Whether you are new to marketing your business, or you’ve been building a brand for years, Eric gives five takeaways that you can implement immediately to make your communication more successful. These five steps may seem simple, but they have a huge impact.

1 Make Custom One-to-One Videos

Imagine on your birthday, opening your inbox to find Eric personally wishing you “happy birthday” and telling you what celebrity shares your birthday. This is one of Eric’s signature moves, and his client’s love it. One client even told him, “That’s more of a birthday greeting than my mom gives me.”

Eric says email newsletters are dead. People won’t read them. “But nobody can resist pushing play on a custom video.”

It takes less than a minute to search celebrity birthdays, but including this fun fact can make your videos more personal and engaging. Take the extra step to personalize your messages, and watch the engagement of your contacts soar.

2 Collaborate with Other Professionals

Another easy step Eric takes that makes a big difference, is to include the relevant real estate agent on the anniversary emails he sends to clients.

“Even if I had no contact with the agent since, I copy the agent on the email.” It’s as simple as cc’ing your colleagues and giving them a shout out in your video. Your colleagues will thank you for doing their marketing for them, and be more likely to remember you for future business.

He also reaches out to real estate agents when he gets a lead and asks if he can introduce himself to the client via video. Eric uses the opportunity to speak directly to the client and reference a specific need he can address. Although Eric finds that agents are protective of client’s contact information, they seem happy to send along his videos. Eric finds that this extra step can help you start converting more leads.

3 Market your Strengths

When Jason asks Eric how he markets his brand, Eric responds, “I learned that I have to market my strength.”

For Eric, his motivation comes out of never wanting anyone in the transaction to feel left in the dark. Therefore, Eric says, “My strength has been constant communication.” Keeping all parties in-the-loop is Eric’s goal, and he uses video email to accomplish it.

For 12 years, Eric sent old school emails once a week. Since finding BombBomb, Eric sends informative video emails every Wednesday and Friday to all the real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and title professionals involved. Eric says that, “In a lot of ways, my brand is just communication.”

Like Eric, consider your biggest motivators and strengths. By making your strength your brand, your marketing will feel more authentic and be more successful.

4 Be Consistent

Consistency is key. When you hear Eric talk about his long history in the mortgage industry, although the technology has changed, his consistent communication has been a constant.

Eric’s consistent communication includes, twice monthly interviews with business people in his area, posting videos to a website for USDA loans, sending out a mortgage update video email every Monday, and sharing his BombBomb videos on all his social media platforms.

His Monday morning video emails are a staple of his consistency. Eric finds it easier to reach out through video email than get an agent to commit an hour for coffee. He says, “I just throw people on that list and rarely have people unsubscribe.” Start small and be consistent with some form of communication, and you will start building a dedicated base of listeners.

5 Keep it Interesting

Eric believes in keeping his videos interesting. He understands how quickly people get bored, and respects the limited time and attention his contacts can give him.

In his weekly emails, Eric gives updates on the mortgage industry. He steers away from talking about rates too much, or anything he feels would bore people. Eric finds engagement by keeping his videos short and providing links for more information.

In crafting his weekly video emails, Eric likes to open by stating the current silly holiday. He also finds interesting content by looking through his own inbox throughout the week and jotting down anything that catches his attention. Eric even enlists his wife’s help to find entertaining content and keep a fresh perspective.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can apply Eric’s proven marketing strategy. The best part is, though his steps are simple the payoff is big. It’s all about putting in that little bit of extra effort. It’s just takes one more step to make your videos personal, give your colleagues a shout-out, focus on your strengths, be consistent, and include some interesting material. But if you take that extra step, you can be sure that your business will stand out from the rest.

If you like this interview, be sure to check out Eric on his upcoming episode of the BombCast – Thursday, November 30th, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

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