5 Real Estate Apps To Make an Agent’s Life Easier

May 25th, 2017

Feel like your face is in your phone too much? It’s okay … real estate apps make your life easier! Doing business from the palm of our hands, on the go, is the new standard for daily life. 

Especially for real estate agents, it feels like there’s a new app launched daily to make business easier and faster.

Apps that market you, market a home, or save you a trip to the office between showings – there’s definitely something new out there you should try.

Here are five that might be helpful to you.


5 Real Estate Apps

1 Glympse

We’ve all been a little late for an appointment, right? Glympse allows you to send a quick message to your clients with your real-time location. So if you’re just a few minutes behind, they’ll see exactly where you are. It’s great for families, too.


2 CamScanner

Save time and money running back to your office to scan documents. CamScanner allows you to snap a picture of the document and convert it to a PDF or an editable text document. You’ll get the same quality as if you were in the office – without the hassle.


3 PalmAgent

Get accurate, quick, estimates for closing costs for your buyers and sellers with PalmAgent. County-specific closing costs, title rates, and lender fees are preloaded in the app for your convenience.


4 Open Home Pro

Get more leads, and production from your open houses. Use Open Home Pro to organize notes about the property, collect visitor information, plus it will send automatic follow-up emails to those who visited the home.


5 BombBomb

Connect with prospects and clients in a more personal way with video messaging from BombBomb. Record videos or grab them from your library. Send by email, in text, or to social. You’ll save time by talking instead of typing and engage people in a more human way than a plain email or text message. BombBomb analytics will prove it.

Now, creating simple, memorable videos is easier than ever in the BombBomb app with exciting new functions. Try the new  iMessage integration, the Clips integration which allows you to add text to your video while recording, or the new camera upgrades that allow you to flip your camera from front to back, pause recording all in the same clip. Android users, you can look forward to a whole new app rebuilt with more functionality. It’s currently in beta testing and will be ready soon.

Download the BombBomb app now:



Recent Upgrades:

The Android app has been rebuilt from scratch and is currently in beta testing.

The iOS app has iMessage integration, Clips integration, and new camera features that help you “live edit” your videos!


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