5 BombCast Guests Talk About the Importance of Consistency with Video

Last Updated October 1st, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been hosting the BombCast for a whole year now! We’ve worked hard to improve the show and increase the value that comes out of it. We’ve gone from doing the BombCast every other week to every week. We’ve begun to create podcasts out of every BombCast episode and we’ve worked on improving the recaps and social content we create from this great pillar piece of content.

We were super excited to celebrate the BombCast Anniversary with a special episode. We featured 5 returning guests – Ginny Lee Deptula, Michael Thorne, Elise Kephart, Michael Nathanson and Dan Nathanson. We’ve rarely had any technical issues with the BombCast but we unfortunately had some issues during this episode. Because of this we have the Podcast version available for you to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of downloading and listening to Podcasts on the go then check out the BombCast on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher! This is a great way to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed.

Throughout this BombCast episode, our 5 guests shared so many words of wisdom and helpful video tips. One of the main takeaways from it all would definitely be consistency. Consistently recording video. Consistently working to make your videos better. Consistently maintaining and growing relationships. Consistently trying to be better at what you do.

Here are our favorite tips and quotes from each guest on this episode:

Ginny Lee Deptula – Consistently Posting Video on Social Media

Ginny Lee is definitely consistent at using video on social media. She shared a great story about how a couple of other agents in the area trusted her just based off what they saw on her Instagram account and Instagram stories. By posting often and by showcasing her personality on social media, people connected with Ginny and felt like they knew her without even meeting her. Ginny says, “What attracts people to working with you is when they know, like and trust you.” and “The point is to get out there and showcase the community, showcase the house that you’re in.”

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Dan Nathanson – Consistently Communicating with Clients

Dan emphasized the importance of being consistent with your communication with clients. Dan used to be on a real estate team with his brother Michael but decided to switch over to being a loan officer. Despite the career change, one thing has stayed the same; the importance of one-to-one video. Dan says one-to-one video always seems to work, no matter the industry. One of the great tips Dan gave us during the BombCast was to make the goal of reaching out to five people a day. He called this strategy the Five High Fives. This helps you maintain connection with current and past clients.

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Elise Kephart – Consistently using all the features of BombBomb 

Elise talked about a lot of features on BombBomb that she uses consistently to improve her business. She mentions, “I think there are so many people who use BombBomb that don’t know about all the other stuff besides just the video aspect of it.” We work hard to bring you a product that not only makes video email easy, but that makes communication through email easy with a lot of great tools. Elise talked about how she enjoys using the additional buttons and CTAs that you can add within your BombBomb emails. She also mentioned the benefits of Snippets and our mobile app.

Here’s an article on adding buttons to your BombBomb emails: Email Composer Walkthrough
Here are some instructions on getting started with Snippets: How to Create and Use Snippets
Here are general instructions on using out BombBomb app: Getting Started Mobile

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Michael Thorne – Consistently Stepping Outside His Comfort Zone

Michael Thorne encouraged us all to consistently step outside of our comfort zones. For many people, just getting started with video can be very out of their comfort zone. Michael reminded everyone that, “You step outside your comfort zone and then that becomes comfortable and then you step outside your comfort zone again, and then that becomes comfortable and you can just sorta keep going!” We need to consistently step out of our comfort zones in order to grow and become better and better at video.

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Michael Nathanson – Consistently Getting Better at Using Video

Michael definitely reiterated some of what Michael Thorne shared, saying that in order to get good at video, you have to consistently put in the work. Like most things in life, you can’t just jump in and be incredible. People often want to skip the work and jump straight to results. Michael talked about how video needs to be consistent in your business saying, “My why in video is that personal connection.” and “Other than meeting someone in person, it’s just so powerful.”

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