4 Key Takeaways from the BombCast – Focus on Video Engagement

November 16th, 2017

On November 9th we showcased episode six of our BombCast live video series with Howard Chung, VP of Broker Excellence at John L. Scott Real Estate, and Justin Kroma, a major social media influencer with 1.5 million followers on social and over one billion views in just over a year. In this episode of the BombCast, Justin and Howard talked a lot about trying to get the most engagement out of your videos.

The BombCast is a quick video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds, who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increase sales.

On this episode of the BombCast, Jason talked to Howard about how Justin and Howard are now working together at John L. Scott!

Episode six is embedded below, along with a four favorite takeaways, and start/stop times for each topic discussed!

4 Key Takeaways from the BombCast with Howard Chung & Justin Kroma

1 Video has Longevity

Justin first became familiar with Howard and John L. Scott after finding a YouTube video of Howard from ten years prior. In the video, Howard discussed how agents need to work together on content creation as well as social media. Justin realized how ahead of the time Howard was back then, and knew he needed to talk to him. Because of this video, Howard was able to create a successful partnership with Justin that has helped his company tremendously.

In our second episode of the BombCast, another John L. Scott agent, Paul Balzotti, discussed a similar situation. Paul explained how his community videos have a similar impact for him. He explained that his community video was something he only had to create once, but still gives him the best ROI out of any video he’s created. Even though it’s a year old, it continues to bring him leads!

2 Views aren’t as Important as Engagement

Justin and Howard both provided us with some extremely useful information here. When Jason asked them how they measure the success of their videos, Justin responded with the most important key metric he follows – engagement. Justin explains engagement a little more deeply:

“If you get ten views on a video, and you get ten comments, whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. If people are asking you questions, or even just people saying “awesome, thanks for the information,” whatever it is. That is an incredible ratio. I mean I would take ten views and ten comments over 500 views and one comment any day.”

Howard agrees with this! He explains how in their classes, he teaches agents that they shouldn’t be focused on creating a “video strategy,” they should instead focus on an “engagement strategy.” Howard explains that the ultimate goal of each video you make should be to make someone’s day.

“Just make that one video with one play, one response, and if you smile, you kind of make my day. That’s really the message, how do we make somebody’s day? If I can make the day for one individual, then that’s actually something that we try to talk about all the time. It’s not just a video strategy, it’s an engagement strategy.”

3 Focus in on watch times

Another key metric you should keep an eye on with your videos is watch times. Justin recommends taking advantage of social media metrics, to see what type of audience is watching your videos, and how long they are tuning in. That way, you can determine if your videos are too long, and what length they should be. If people stop watching your videos right away, you can try to be more warm and engaging, or try to offer more value at the beginning. Justin also suggests tapping into your audience when you’re trying to reformat your video structure. Ask them what type of videos they’d like to see next!

4 Always Ask Questions

While Justin recommends asking questions in your videos on social, Howard reminds us of the importance of asking particular questions in your one-to-one videos as well. For example, after following up with open house attendees, Howard always coaches his agents to ask one particular question in their personal follow-up videos. After a warm intro, explaining how you met the particular person, he suggests asking the question “would it be okay if I let you know what this home sells for?” In so many situations, the open house guests live in the neighborhood, and want to know what houses are selling for in case they’d like to sell their home as well. By asking this question, you are creating a potential relationship that could help you land more sales.

Key Start / Stop Times

  • At the 2:28 mark, Jason asks Howard why John L. Scott decided to bring Justin onto their team at John L. Scott?
  • At the 4:48 mark, Jason mentions how in a previous conversation, Justin had told him that he had actually seen a YouTube video that Howard created from ten years before, which was how they had first began communicating.
  • At the 5:15 mark, Jason asks Howard, “why did John L. Scott decide to make this major investment in video now?
  • At 8:47, Jason asks Justin how he communicates with agents who are just starting out and think most video should only be professional? How do you help them realize that they can simply use one-to-one video and get the same results, using the devices they carry around almost everyday.
  • At 10:55, Jason asks Howard and Justin how they measure the success of the videos they’re creating.
  • At 18:00, minutes in, Jason akses Howard and Justin the importance of hyper-local and how they create engagement at a hyper-local level.
  • At 21:48, Jason asks what are the engaging questions that Justin and Howard work into their videos so that the conversation can get started.
  • At 23:35, Jason asks what are the right expectations for people who are just getting started. How many videos should they create knowing that they might not immediately see results?
  • At 29:20, Howard discusses how he uses one-to-one videos to recruit agents to John L. Scott.
  • At 30:31, we open up for live Q & A.

Be sure to check out our next episode of the BombCast, on November 30th at 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST, with Mortgage Expert, Eric Peltier. We were lucky enough to sit down with Eric before the episode to discuss some BIG video marketing tips, to help your small business. Check it out here!


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