2 Ways to Connect in a Personally Disconnected World

Last Updated August 30th, 2018

During BombCast Episode 34, we chatted with Markus Willard from StreetText. Markus is a Lead Specialist who works with a lot of realtors, helping them generate new relationships. Markus started by telling us that, “Relationship Marketing is here to stay.” We agree! Whether you’re a sales professional, real estate agent, loan officer or a marketer, building and maintaining relationships is key. Often the struggle can be connecting and starting a relationship in the first place.

Markus had a great statement during the BombCast: “As connected as we are, we are so disconnected at the same time.” Video has been around for a while now and basically everyone is doing video. What’s one level deeper? People want to connect but what does that actual connection look like?

1 Communicate in a Way that Shows Your Body Language and Tonality

Markus said 93% of communication is body language and tonality. He follows that up by asking why we would use a communication method that’s only around 6% or 7% effective? Why would we use a communication method that doesn’t allow people to see our body language or hear our tone of voice?

Makus asks, “How many times do we get emails or try to compose an email and someone really takes it wrong?” Sometimes, at the end of the day, you just want to get in front of them and have a conversation with them. Video lets you get face-to-face in that way.

After implementing video emails, Markus said he saw real results! When people saw that they were meeting with a real, genuine human being, they began consistently showing up to his demo meetings. He got stronger commitments from his customers by using video. “I think if you look at lead generation as a whole, 90% of that comes down to how you are able to talk to that lead. If you don’t have an effective system to do that, to start a dialog, you’re gone. You’re pulling the slot machines at Vegas.”

2 Entice Them to Start A Relationship with You by Asking Questions

The value you’re providing is what can start the relationship. Make sure you ask questions and really figure out that they’re trying to accomplish. Don’t project onto them what you want to do for them. Markus shared that, “Often the best in their field are the best at asking questions.” Start every conversation by asking them questions and allowing them to really share what they’re expecting from you.

Once you understand a customer’s expectations, you’ll be able to work at meeting those expectations. When you meet expectations and put the customer first, they’ll begin to really trust you. “Who you are is what they ultimately fall in love with. So when you’re doing something that’s very impersonal like lead generation, the only way to create connection is through human interaction and for them to actually see, like and trust you.”

Ultimately Markus says, “If you just want to communicate more effectively, you need to consider this: video email is here to stay and it’s not going anywhere and I feel like essentially it is the way of the future.”

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