10 Sales Team Videos You Can Start Using Today

Last Updated July 30th, 2019

So you’ve heard about sales team video tools. You’ve started playing around with it  to get a feel for how it works. Now you’re ready to adopt video into your sales team’s cycle. But where to start?

We know this transition can seem a little daunting at first, so we want to help you with your first steps. Video can greatly cut down the time in your sales cycle.

Below are ten easy ways to get your team excited and ready for using video. Almost none of them require video editing software either! All you need is a simple web or phone cam, decent lighting, and a little fun (okay, as much fun as you want!).

We’ve listed each style of video in the steps of our sales funnel, but they can fit into almost any standard customer cycle. Beside each is a recommended recording length we think is the sweet spot for delivering each video style.

Sales Team Video #1: Initial Outreach: 1min

When beginning a connection, achieving that impressionable first touch can make or break future relations. Rather than spending time writing a lengthy email a prospect may not even open, why not try video? A short, personalized clip saves you time and lets them know you care.

While we always push for one-on-one videos, evergreen content can work as well. For personalized videos, we recommend doing a few minutes of research about your client before recording so you get to know them as a person. Sometimes just knowing that they like coffee from a certain cafe gives you a talking point to circle back to later.

Dani Sampson of The Start Up advocates for First Touch Point marketing to build lasting relationships with your prospects. Whether it’s sharing interests or asking about family, it presents meaningful conversation that establishes an appreciated tone for future discussions with them.

Videos can also be used to generate leads through quality evergreen content about your services. If a potential prospect is already looking and finds a video of you welcoming them to reach out, the likelihood of your CTR’s (click-through rate) increasing is guaranteed. Even if it’s just a short greeting on your home page or a 30-second ad on that shows up on their social radar, seeing your face and hearing your voice generates more hooks.

Sale Team Video

Sales Team Video #2: Appointment Confirmation: 30sec-1min

Let’s Schedule a Meeting.
Did you feel a sense of dread just from reading that? That sentence can sometimes be the business equivalent of “we need to talk” in romantic relationships. What if it didn’t have to be though? By sending a brief video, you’re greeting a client with a friendly face and a wave, rather than a calendar invite.

This brings awareness to them that you intend to be timely and provides a smooth transition between the first touch and demo steps in a sales funnel. Our CMO, Steve Pacinelli suggests the use of video to help build rapport quickly, ensuring a continuing relationship.

When including text, try to provide a link to your calendar. It will allow them to view the video at their leisure and then find an opening on your schedule that works best for them.
Our partner, Outreach, offers a great integration to easily book and schedule meetings on the fly. It saves you the hassle of having to plan the when and lets them feel catered to while you’re making a connection.

Sales Team Video

Sales Team Video #3: Thank Yous: 30sec-1min

Being appreciative of your customer’s time shows you’re invested in them. Follow up successful signings, agreements, and even just lengthy meetings with a quick thank you video.

Having a great preview or image of the video shows them the message is friendly. This can be done with a whiteboard in the thumbnail that includes their name and a, “Thank you.” With the BombBomb email client or our Gmail plug-in, everything you record is displayed into an animated preview (the first three seconds of the video in loop). In the video, you can express what you’re grateful for and perhaps tie into a next step or appointment setting in the sales funnel.

Sales Team Video

Sales Team Video #4: Apology Video: 1-2mins

Showing empathy is just as important as expressing appreciation—and it’s something that carries best over video.. Apologizing via text can only get you so far. Email apologies also show an 85.1% open rate. Our own Alli Tunell even tested this statistic and got a 66% open rate from her smaller sample size!

Sometimes communication requiring humility is best suited for a moment of showing humanity. Relying on an email for sincerity isn’t enough; by sending a video, you can show empathy through your face and voice. Your client will know you’re being considerate by taking the time to admit fault or provide unsatisfactory news through a quick video.

Sales Team Video

Sales Team Video #5: Congratulations: 30sec-1min

Celebrating wins with the team can be a huge morale boost—especially when it relates to wins from video implementation, enticing more of your team to get excited about using video. Studies have shown that staff respond incredibly well to positive reinforcement.

Commending a team for maximizing their efficiency by sending a group-wide clip of you cheering can be a fun way to keep them engaged. Send one-to-one videos for personal moments you want to share with individuals on your team.

Though it might not seem big for direct sales, keeping a happy and excited team results in a more effective one. This, in turn, results in a positive client experience, something crucial throughout a sales funnel.


Sales Team Video #6: Product Demos: 1-3mins

That all-important moment in the sales funnel: demo time. This is where using video can really benefit you, as well as your prospect. Demos with video allow for a tangible method of demonstrating software via screen capture.

It can revolutionize how a prospect responds by seeing your excitement with features, your confidence in utility, and your understanding of their needs. It also allows for a playful interaction. Rather than cold demoing a product, video allows you to show your prospect how they might best use your software.

With features like our video software’s Google Chrome extension, you’re able to split your video between your face and your screen. You can demonstrate how you’re able to resolve pain points they’ve had with competitors. The limits are as far as your imagination can stretch when implementing video into your demo routine.

There’s even the opportunity to tie in Evergreen demos with free subscriptions. Salesforce Canada even recommends this, providing your prospects with the ability to try out the features you just showed them!

Bonus Tip: After you provide a demo, or during the on-boarding of a new subscriber, you can send a hand-off video from sales to customer support. This helps alleviate the stress a customer may feel being passed from the salesperson that they built a rapport with to a new face. Doing this exchange shows you’re dedicated to helping them as a team, not just an individual.

Sales Team Video #7: Follow Up: 1min

After a phone meeting, a demo, or a one-on-one Zoom session, it can be difficult to rely on the human memory. We Google more than we recall. Why not save people time and stress by reiterating what you previously discussed with a fun video?

This helps push them from step to step in the funnel and ensures you have steady communication streams going. You can list major takeaways and provide an actionable set of steps with integrated links. You also can answer any questions that may have arisen during a demo by restating solutions in this video.


Sales Team Video #8: Next steps and Decisions: 1-2mins

Showing proven metrics, answering unasked questions, these are a few methods that can get you closer to a decision with your prospect. But what if you could share all of these aspects inside of a simple video? Our Chief Evangelist, Ethan Beute writes in chapter six of “Rehumanize Your Business,” that guiding undecided leads might be a simple video away.


Though we understand reaching every uncommitted prospect can be a chore. But making even a short video to touch base with them shows you have the willingness to get their attention while respecting their busy lives.

Nurturing through video also helps you assess where you should focus your attention most toward in the funnel. If you see a lead has opened your video in our web client, you’ll be able to track how often and when they watch it.

See them opening it a lot, but only viewing a little? Shoot them a follow-up to see if they had any questions. See a lot of plays? Send them an invite to view an Evergreen demo. See they’ve only opened it once and haven’t touched play? Shoot them a friendly greeting thanking them for taking the time during your first touch.


Sales Team Video #9: Webinars: 3-30mins

Shout it from the rooftops: You can send short webinars! You want to shoot for at least ten minutes, but it’s perfectly okay to not force yourself into a two-hour speech. Instead, sending planned webinar recordings allow you to direct flow and educate on specific subjects.

Though you miss the immediate reaction that people have and respond to during live conferences, the tradeoff is timeliness and the ability to provide information uninterrupted. This can be followed with a call-to-action, encouraging your audience to reach out via provided links and contact information.

While guides serve as a great start for recording your first few webinars, there’s still plenty more to learn. Our own Alexa Franck wrote an in-depth guide if you want to dig deeper into the world of webinar crafting.
Bonus Tip: A lot of these videos can be done from both a computer or the BombBomb mobile app. Using a video calling app is great, but take your messages one step further by leaving videos that can be viewed at your client’s convenience. Whether you’re trying to make a connection during a commute on the subway or trying to catch someone between meetings, mobile gives you the freedom to record anywhere. Having a part of everyday life in the background builds humanity that shows your client’s you’re in it with everyone else.

Sales Team Video #10: Internal Communication (i.e. Holidays, team meetings, events, etc.): 1-2min

You just hired a new VP of Communications. You discuss how best to introduce them to the team, but are unsure how to find the time between everyone to schedule an introductory meeting. Instead, why not send everyone a video announcement and give the new girl a chance to say hello to everyone on their own time.
Video is a great way to connect groups of people with conflicting schedules. It helps for holidays or making office party plans when you can send a single video for everyone to open when they can. It shows you still want to show your face around the office (physically and digitally), so they know you’re a human—just like them.

Sales Team Video

We understand every team is different. The world of sales can be challenging, especially when each part of your group has a different method for how they approach and operate with prospects through the customer lifecycle.
That’s why we know video works so well. Because it isn’t one static method that loses function or value over time. It initiates multiple triggers on a deep, psychological level that are lasting and help build stronger customer relations. Click the link below and give video email a try for yourself!


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