#1 Tip for Getting Started with Video

Last Updated January 15th, 2016

Get the #1 tip for someone just getting started with video from a video pro.

YouTube. Facebook. Google Hangouts. Websites. Email.

RE/MAX real estate agent, Mobile Agent TV co-host, and BombBomb customer and friend Michael Thorne uses video all the time in all kinds of ways.

What does he recommend for people new to video? This …


Watch this 2 minute 30 second video to learn:

  • The top tip Michael gives people to get started with video
  • Why “Teach me how to be perfect at the beginning” is “insane”
  • How to get out of your own head
  • The best way to qualify a lead
  • More!

Michael’s #1 Tip for Getting Started with Video


The #1 Tip

In the short video above, BombBomb’s Jason Sheffield lists a couple of the barriers that keep people from getting started with video, then asks Michael what he recommends.

In one word: “Upload!”

Through an iterative process, each video you record gets better. Michael’s horrified at some of his earliest YouTube uploads, but without pressing “upload” and getting through them, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

If you’re looking to be perfect at the beginning, you’ve got an “insane thought process.” It’s like trying to learn how to ski by reading blog posts. You have to DO it to learn and improve.

Practice builds confidence and confidence builds success.


A Secondary Tip

If you’re struggling to get started with video on your own, Michael recommends trying to get someone to peer review you.

“We are so in our own heads;” we judge ourselves far more harshly and critically than anyone else ever would.

So, a peer can help us get more objective. And it makes the process of getting started with video more fun and collaborative.


Why to Upload

If you’re in sales, as so many BombBomb customers are, your whole goal with any prospect is to get face to face.

“You’re going to meet them in person anyway,” Michael says. So you should get over it and get face to face immediately through video.

Letting them see you and “meet” you through video is “the best way to qualify a lead.”


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