3 Reasons New Home Builders Find Success With Video

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Anxiety can run high during any sales process, especially one that includes significant financial decisions. And buying, customizing, and building a new home certainly qualifies. So how can new home builders like you ease apprehension and even doubt? New home builders are easing anxiety and seeing more success by putting a face and voice to […]

Why Your Emails Go to Spam Instead of the Inbox and How to Prevent It

Why Your Emails Go to Spam

You spent the time to craft the perfect email and then receive the dreaded response: “What email? I didn’t get your email.” How did that happen? So, you ask the next obvious question, “Did you check your spam folder?” Bingo. There it is. In this article, you’ll learn why your emails go to spam instead […]

Best Practices: BombBomb and Zoom for Seamless Remote Communication

Zoom and BombBomb

Recently, many of us have had to move from an in-office environment to working remotely. As a result, the lack of face-to-face communication has us misinterpreting messages, facing challenges when collecting information, and missing that necessary comradery we previously had in our office experience. If you’re missing that direct facetime and ability to connect and […]

Not Sure What to Say? Check Out These Four Video Email Examples

Video Email Examples

You’re here for a reason. You know you need to start using video, but you’re not sure it’s the right fit for you. Maybe you’ve even tried to send videos and have stopped halfway through because they just didn’t feel right. Maybe you’ve even seen video email examples, but they haven’t directly applied to you. […]

Need a Professional Email Design in a Pinch? Use These Video Email Templates

video email templates

Looking for the perfect email design? There are video email templates for that! Graphic design is not easy, and not all of us have the creative gene we need to make our marketing emails looks as sleek as we’d like But did you know that in addition to video email services, BombBomb offers an entire […]

Real Estate Video: 8 Ways to Help Your Real Estate Team Use Video Email

Real Estate Video Ideas To Try

Especially compared to your plain, typed-out emails, video email gives you an easy, yet powerful way to differentiate yourself as a real estate broker/owner. Because it gets you face to face with more people more often, video allows you to showcase your market expertise, build your digital brand, communicate heavy paperwork processes, and build deeper […]

How an Apology Can Increase Your Email Open Rate

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Confession time … my name is Alli Menor and I’m the Content Marketing Manager for BombBomb in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have more than ten years of professional writing experience. I received my BS in Nutrition Communications from Arizona State University and my MPS from the University of Denver in Marketing and Public Relations. And […]

How to Create Engaging and Successful Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

At BombBomb, we have a content team that is consistently producing social media videos and blog posts. We have tested numerous techniques to help increase engagement and work within all of the algorithm parameters. Through our testing, we have found some tried and true processes that we believe even new video adapters can take on […]

Announcing the New BombBomb Screen Recorder

Blog post header | BombBomb

Two weeks ago we brought you news of our a brand new dashboard where you can manage email contacts; send videos to one person, a few people, a list of people, or several lists of people; and track email opens, link clicks, and video plays – and follow up directly. Today, we’re bringing you another significant […]

Break the Sleazy Salesperson Stereotype – BombCast Episode 9


On January 4th, we went live for the BombCast with BombBomb Power User and Salesperson, Automotive Sales Coach, the “YouTube Diva,” Elise Kephart. Elise helps automotive sales teams across the country build stronger relationships, and close more deals with video. You can check out her company, the Elise Kephart Experience, by clicking here. Elise talks […]

The BombCom – Our Office Mockumentary

Office, behind the scenes

This past summer, the BombBomb Headquarters in Colorado Springs were completely renovated to make room for future hires after major company growth. BombBomb began renovations in late July and completed the project in early September. The new space dampens sound and provides more collaborative work areas. Each employee was given a new desk setup that […]

The BombCast Video Podcast Episode Two Recap – Paul Balzotti

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On September 14th, we broadcast episode two of our BombCast live video series. The BombCast gives you a quick, 20-minute video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies […]

Get More Responses by Sending Facebook Messenger Videos

FacebookMessenger | BombBomb

1.2 billion people currently use Facebook Messenger. More than 2 billion people — about 80 percent of smartphone users — are expected to be on messaging apps by 2018, according to eMarketer. In a world where phone calls go unanswered almost 90 percent of the time, you have to showcase yourself as a sales professional […]

The BombCast Video Podcast Episode One Recap – Jesse Peters

BombBomb, BombCast, video podcast, video show, video cast, sales video, video for sales, Jesse Peters

On August 31st we broadcasted our first-ever, live BombCast. A quick, 20-minute video show delivered twice per month on our BombCast website, Facebook page and YouTube channel, the BombCast is hosted by Chief Marketing Officer Steve Pacinelli and VP of Content Development Travis Saxton. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds who are using video […]

5 Ways the New BombBomb Android App Will Blow Your Mind

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The development team at BombBomb has been seriously focusing on improving our mobile apps this year. In fact, BombBomb hired two Android developers and invested a ton of time and resources into completely redesigning and upgrading the app. Just this week, our developers released a ton of new features into the BombBomb Android App to […]

How To Improve Your Lead Generation Process with BombBomb Forms

Training 1 | BombBomb

This June, our Training Team created a new webinar that explained all the situations where BombBomb forms (landing pages) can give individuals the ability to improve their lead generation process by collecting valuable contact information, and delivering value! This webinar was so thorough and informative, that we decided to break it down into two sections […]

Real Estate Agent as Therapist: 5 Tips to Soothe Your Buyers and Sellers

PsychTemp | BombBomb

Have you ever felt like a therapist to your home buyers and sellers? If you’re like many of our real estate customers, the answer is an easy and immediate “heck, yes!” Dealing with unrealistic expectations, compromises, negotiations, difficulty letting go, the thrill of finding “the one” … homeownership is most likely the largest investment of […]