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Jul 30

Video Email for Sales and Marketing: Prospecting


BombBomb has built a reputation for being a feature-rich, easy-to-use email marketing software, which helps people communicate with their customer base through newsletters and special offers.  What many people overlook, though, is BombBomb’s potential as a powerful sales and marketing tool.


The initial inspiration for our video email marketing software actually came because Founder and CEO Conor McCluskey wanted a more effective way to connect with his prospects and clients when working for an outside sales company.  Conor found that it was difficult to get in front of people, stay in touch, build relationships, and distinguish himself from others who were sending the same bland pitch by traditional email or phone call.


Our sales team uses our own software for sales and marketing purposes everyday. We primarily use the software in two distinct ways: 1) Sending follow-up emails after initial phone calls when prospecting for new business, 2) Nurturing new inbound leads.


This post covers the first way.  The next post covers the second (see it here).


Video: Prospecting with Video Email




BombBomb As A Prospecting Tool


Cold calls are a necessary tactic to support many sales strategies. If you want to get your product or service into the hands of potential buyers, you have to reach out and help make that happen.


So how do you get in touch with someone who is rarely available by phone?  How do you get your product or service in front the decision maker in a way accurately portrays what you represent? And if you email that decision maker, how do you know that your email is opened?


When I make cold calls to people in markets and organizations that could benefit from video email marketing software, I often get a gate keeper or voice mail.  In those cases, I always follow up with a video email because it allows me to show our software instead of just tell.  And when that decision maker opens the email, plays the video, and clicks on any links inside the email we use our Real-Time Alerts to let us know exactly when and how each person interacts with the email.


These email notifications – a built-in benefit of the BombBomb video email marketing software – allow me to prioritize who is most interested and with whom I should follow up with first (please note that in order to avoid spamming someone you should either get explicit permission to send an email if you can get the person on the phone or make clear that you’ll be sending one email if you have to leave them a voice mail).


Prospecting with BombBomb video email and Real-Time Alerts is especially effective as a sales and marketing tool because it allows you to communicate in a personal and human way about the benefits of your product or service (with video in email) and easily identify quality leads (with alerts).


Video: A Look At The Software From A Prospecting Perspective



*BombBomb Sales Tip – Most people either just call or just send an email when prospecting, which is a big missed opportunity.  Try calling, and – if you have to leave a message – mention that you’ll be following up with a personal video email.  When you record your video message make sure you mention that you left a voice mail by phone in the event they see your email before they check their messages.


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